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Fun, Fur and Frolics - The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Is doggy daycare right for your dog?


Many dog parents find that providing their dog with a place to socialize is a life-enriching solution they didn't know they needed. We can help with daily sessions, weekly or something else. We put together a list of some of the other benefits of daycare for your dog.


Dogs are social animals. When they’re around other dogs, they very quickly pick up on how to use body language to communicate with each other. Things like "let's play!” or “I don't like that". "You're nice I like you" or “No thanks, I need a break.” If your dog has not learned social skills it will take a little time and patience for them to warm up to their new friends and come into their own. However, for well-adjusted, socialized dogs, doggy daycare is the ideal setting to hone their skills and have fun playing with buddies.

No more stress and anxiety​


For you or your dog. It can feel terrible to leave your bestie at home while you're out for the day, and also doesn't feel great for them. By spending the day with us they’ll be active and having fun, they won’t have time to feel distressed by your departure. Plus be relaxed and tired at the same time you are! 

Provides peace of mind during travel

Familiarising your dog with us and our home via doggy daycare can really help with peace of mind when you leave for longer trips, your dog will already have a positive association. Check out our many testimonials from pet parents who we're able to fly away feeling great that their dog was enjoying time with us without seperation anxiety. 

Self-care Time or Time For Focus​


Many people, even those who work from home full time are known to make use of doggy daycare on occasion. It can be really nice having a built-in excuse for snuggles and walks during the workday. Doggy daycare is great for times when work is piling up or you, lots of chores to do, or when it's time for a little dedicated self-care. Some dog parents drop off their dog twice-weekly just so their energetic dog can let off steam. The interaction with other dogs and people, without being told constantly to settle down and be quiet.

Training & Consistency

Often the most challenging aspects of training is the consisitency required to make commands stick. Spending the day with different humans and other dogs can give your dog a environment to put into practice what they we're taught. Or maybe you haven't had the time to do the training or maintain the consistency required and you'd like some help teaching your dog good manners. Read more about our training programs that are offered as part of live-in intensives or doggy daycare. 

The bottom line, is that dogs who come to doggy daycare come home happy, tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. Plus, you’ll feel really good knowing that all that play, interaction and exercise enriches your dog's life.

Happy Doggy Guests & Parents

Missy T

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Bart & Christine, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico

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